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Cryptocurrency is essentially digital money. The first cryptocurrency created was Bitcoin which took the world by storm with its blockchain based technology, decentralised infrastructure and allowing fast and cheap transactions that can't be reversed. Since then there is thousands of new currencies some of which solve unique problems in many different industries using the benefits of blockchain.

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The first and largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority...
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Bitconnect exit scam! My concerns are validated + my response

video previewI'm sure that you are aware by now that the Bitconnect platform is over and the owners appear to have exit scammed. Firstly I would like to say that I feel sorry for anyone who has lost money with Bitconnect. If you have lost money stay strong and you will come back from this experience.


Bitconnect warning! A look at my Bitconnect investment 3 months on - 0 profit!

video previewIn my last video I looked at the capital release of Bitconnect showing how much value was lost VS holding Bitcoin. This was due to the rapid rise of Bitcoin over the last 6 months. Meaning you will get a lot less BTC from the capital release than you first put in, even though the $ amount is the same.


Using Google search to find Bitcoin values in various currencies & fractions

Posted in Cryptocurrencies, Tips

video previewThis is a quick video showing you how you can use Google search to easily get the Bitcoin price in various currencies & fractions. This is how I personally check the Bitcoin price on a day to day basis without the need for a calculator or conversion tools. If you type in 1btc to $ you're going to get


Bitconnect warning! Capital release truth exposed

video previewFirst of all I would like to thank each and every one of you who watched my last video on Bitconnect, it far exceeded my expectations reaching over 10,000 views in just 2 week. In this video I'm going to raise something that no one is paying attention to, this is going to shock many and upset even


Ledger Nano S unboxing + What is a Bitcoin hardware wallet?

video previewSomething a bit different for you in this video. I have just purchased a Ledger Nano S to store my Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. If you're not already aware, the Ledger Nano S is one of many crypto hardware wallets. A hardware wallet is essentially a device that stores your private keys offline. As the private key is stored offline


Bitconnect warning! Misleading YouTuber earnings exposed, Ponzi?

video previewIn this video I'd like to expose the truth about many of the large Bitconnect youtubers. Specifically how they are misleading their viewers on how much money they have made with Bitconnect comparing interest on investment VS referral commission. This video may get a lot of hate but it's OK, I can't


How to update your Exodus wallet on Mac

video previewIn this video tutorial I will show you how to update your Exodus wallet on Mac.