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Using the Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency to purchase real physical gold!

In this video I will show you the gold I purchased using the Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency I got for free just by holding Bitcoin during one of the recent hard forks.


Welcome back to CraveThatCoin.

You may be aware of the Bitcoin cash fork which happened a few months ago. This was the split of Bitcoin into the new Bitcoin cash cryptocurrency, it gave anyone who held Bitcoin at the time the equivalent in Bitcoin cash.

At the time of the fork I had 0.7 Bitcoin and was able to claim my free 0.7 Bitcoin cash. During that time there was a quick rush to sell the coin but I decided to hold until now. Over the last few days it's seen a nice run up so I decided to sell all of my Bitcoin cash for Bitcoin, I then used that Bitcoin to purchase gold from silvergoldbull.

One interesting point about using Bitcoin to buy gold and silver is it's very easy to do and most companies that accept Bitcoin treat it as a prefered payment option. Similar to using a bank transfer the fees are low and there's no risk of fraudulent payments so many companies are more than happy to accept Bitcoin. This is a big advantage over paying with a credit card for example where there is a 3% surcharge because it's expensive and risky for them to accept credit card payments.

I sold my 0.7 Bitcoin cash when the price hit £509 giving me just under £400, I purchased this quater oz Queens Beast Unicorn gold coin for £290 and kept the remainder in Bitcoin. I have been collecting this queens beast quater oz set as I really like the designs and being from the UK they are capital gains tax free and in my opinion much nicer than sovereigns. To complete the set I just need the Griffen which you can expect to see in a future video.

I hope you enjoyed this video showing my attempt at alchemy, turning a free digital currency into real physical gold.


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