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Welcome to CraveThatCoin, the home of gold, silver & cryptocurrency investing. Instead of being for precious metals or cryptocurrency we believe both have a place when it comes to protecting and generating wealth.

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The first and largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority...
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Bitconnect exit scam! My concerns are validated + my response

video previewI'm sure that you are aware by now that the Bitconnect platform is over and the owners appear to have exit scammed. Firstly I would like to say that I feel sorry for anyone who has lost money with Bitconnect. If you have lost money stay strong and you will come back from this experience.


Nautical Santa Maria 1oz silver coins unboxing

Posted in Silver investing

video previewToday I'm happy to bring you my very first unboxing video. I made this order about a month ago pre-ordering the new Rwanda Nautical Santa Maria 1oz silver coin. I'm sure my fellow European stackers notice the medical sticker on the box which shows that I ordered these beautiful coins from


Bitconnect warning! Misleading YouTuber earnings exposed, Ponzi?

video previewIn this video I'd like to expose the truth about many of the large Bitconnect youtubers. Specifically how they are misleading their viewers on how much money they have made with Bitconnect comparing interest on investment VS referral commission. This video may get a lot of hate but it's OK, I can't